With Machado and Davis now struggling, others must now step up on the offense

On Friday night, the Orioles beat the Red Sox scoring six runs and hitting four homers. It looked like the offense we saw coming out of the All-Star break was back.

But that was not the case.

The Orioles have now lost five of the last six games. In that stretch, the team average is .227, scoring 15 runs, while hitting .128 (5-for-39) with runners in scoring position.

The Orioles scored 23 runs in the first four games out of the All-Star break, but now have just 15 in the last six.

Two big bats in the lineup, those of Chris Davis and Manny Machado, have now hit a slump. But you know what, those two can’t do it for this team every night and it’s time for other players to step up. Machado, Davis and Adam Jones have carried a heavy load this year.

But after going hitless Sunday, Machado is batting .297 and his average is under .300 for the first time since April 27. Machado was batting .343 in mid May.

He is 3-for-28 over his last seven games and batting .155 (9-for-58) over his past 14 games. He is batting .208 with an OPS of .566 this month.

Machado’s doubles by month:
11 in April
14 in May
13 in June
1 in July

Davis has now gone six games without an RBI or extra-base hit and a season-long 10 consecutive games without a homer.

Davis has struck out in 11 of 15 at-bats the last four games and in 39 of 84 at-bats in July where he is batting just .202.

But Davis has hit .371 on the year with runners in scoring position and Machado has hit .347 with RISP. They both were All-Stars and both are having good years on defense, and, in Machado’s case, a spectacular year with the glove.

It may be time for Buck Showalter to rest one or both for a day or two. You don’t want to play for any stretch without either really, but the time for a day off for this duo might be here.

It’s time for others to help carry the offense. Jones has certainly done his part, now Matt Wieters, J.J. Hardy, Nick Markakis or Brian Roberts need to pick up some of the slack.

We’ve seen both Machado and Davis chasing some pitches lately and expanding the strike zone. At times they may be pressing. Both have been so good for this team for so long, that being overly critical of either now would seem harsh to me.

Machado and Davis will get it going again. But until that happens, it’s time for others in the O’s lineup to pick up the slack.

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