Chris Tillman and Tommy Hunter talk about the change at pitching coach

Two Orioles pitchers this afternoon expressed support for pitching coach Rick Adair, who is taking a personal leave of absence, and confidence in Bill Castro, who has moved from bullpen coach to take over as pitching coach. Scott McGregor joins the staff as bullpen coach.

“I think we are on the same page here and we know what we need to do. Just go about our business the same way we have been,” Chris Tillman said.

“Billy has been around here for two years, he knows what we do. He is out there for every bullpen and knows what we are working on. We are all on the same page as a pitching staff.”

Tillman was asked how important a pitching coach can be for a pitcher and what role they play.

“It all depends. For me, it depends how it is going that day,” Tillman said. “When you get off track, Rick is a guy that will step in and tell us how to fix it. He’s been there for all of us. Billy is the same way. He’ll step in and do just great.”

Tommy Hunter expressed similar sentiments.

“There is something I guess he has to take care of,” Hunter said. “You accept it and give him support. Hope everything gets handled, whatever it is, and go on from there.

“It’s never going to be a good situation when someone has to leave. We are all behind him 100 percent. We don’t really know what is going on either, I haven’t even talked to him yet. Just say good luck and see you when you get back.”

Hunter said there should be a pretty seamless transition from Adair to Castro as pitching coach for however long this change is in effect.

“They worked well together,” Hunter said. “You can’t really tell Rick something that Bill already doesn’t know and you can’t tell anything to Bill that Rick doesn’t know about. These guys are on the ball as far as communication goes. I don’t think it’s going to be much of a transition and will go smoothly.”

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