Have the Orioles done enough in this recent stretch of games?

Back on July 30, the Orioles began a stretch of playing 14 games in a 17-game stretch against teams with a losing record.

Today they play Game 11 in that run and they are 6-4 so far, going 2-1 vs. Houston, 1-2 vs. Seattle, 2-0 at San Diego and 1-1 at San Francisco. They have won two of three series and today’s game will decide the series with the Giants.

After today, this stretch continues against a winning team with three at Arizona, followed by another club with a sub-.500 record when the O’s begin the next homestand hosting Colorado.

A 6-4 record is respectable in this stretch, but is it good enough? Those that feel the O’s should roll through some of these teams like a hot knife through butter probably think not.

The Orioles continue to have a better record against winning teams. They are 37-28, playing .569 ball against clubs that are currently at .500 or better. They are 27-24, playing .529 ball against teams that have losing records.

After they play Colorado, the O’s have a grueling 15-game run against Tampa Bay, Oakland, Boston, New York and Cleveland. Based on their record against winning clubs, maybe they can hold their own during this stretch.

Starting with that Tampa Bay series, they will not play a club with a losing record until Sept. 5 when they begin a series against the Chicago White Sox. After that, they play the AL East the rest of the way.

The Orioles have seven games remaining against Tampa Bay and nine remaining vs. Boston. They’ll have plenty of chances to close the gap head-to-head.

But they have not cleaned up this year on clubs with losing records and they have not done so in this recent stretch either. A win today and they’d be 7-4 since the Houston series.

Is that good enough?

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