LJ Hoes starts to settle in with Houston and talks about his phone call with Dan Duquette

It’s been a crazy few days for LJ Hoes. He was recalled by the Orioles from Triple-A Sunday and started that day against Jon Lester. Yesterday he was scheduled to start for the Orioles, then was traded and wound up switching clubhouses and starting for Houston.

He is still catching his breath a bit after the whirlwind of activity and emotions from yesterday. He said today he has begun to settle in with his new team.

After he and Dan Duquette didn’t connect on the phone yesterday, Hoes said he had a nice conversation this morning with the O’s executive vice president.

“He just thanked me for what I’d done for the organization and how I played,” Hoes said. “I thanked him for the opportunity they gave me to play in the major leagues and break in with my hometown team.”

After going 0-for-3 for the Orioles Sunday, Hoes went 0-for-5 last night as he played against the Orioles for the first time.

“Very strange,” he said. “Had a lot of mixed emotions. Facing Gonzo (Miguel Gonzalez) and T.J. (McFarland). Seeing Adam (Jones) out there. I’m happy to be here and happy to have the opportunity I have. We’re trying to build something here and I’m excited to get started.

“I just want to be out there every day and help this team however I can. Want to make myself better. Get my feet wet at the major league level and get accustomed to playing every day.”

The O’s third round pick in 2008, Hoes seems very excited about the chance to play he is expected to get with Houston. But now he leaves behind the organization that drafted and developed him and one for which he played in over 600 O’s minor league games.

“I respect the Orioles. I was always an Orioles fan growing up. Buck (Showalter) and Dan are two class acts and great guys. Happy I had the opportunity to play for them. I learned a lot from Buck, from (Wayne) Kirby, Adam, Manny (Machado) and some of my good friends over there,” he said.

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