Bobby Dickerson on his exchange with Joe Girardi

Orioles third base coach Bobby Dickerson said he had no history of bad feelings with Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who he said was yelling at him tonight almost from the start of the bottom of the first inning.

Dickerson said that was a first for him.

“Never (had that happen to me before),” he said. “Never heard of such a thing.

“I was standing there coaching (third) in the first inning and I started hearing someone yelling at me and I looked in the dugout and Joe was yelling at me.”

What was he yelling?

” ‘I know what you are doing,’ ” Dickerson said of Girardi. “Yelling it, body language and pointing at me and stuff and that was it. I’m a grown man, no one is going to yell at me on a baseball field. I just said, ‘You don’t know anything and you don’t even know me to be yelling at me.’

“It started immediately, right when I got to third base, it started. I didn’t hear him at first, I heard something. As I looked in the dugout he was right there yelling at me from the far end. As I was running off the field something else was said after the inning was over.

“As I passed by (at the end of the inning), that is when something was said and I stopped. That is when it started and that is when Buck (Showalter) came out and he informed me to go to the dugout, so I went to the dugout.”

Did he accuse you of trying to steal signs?

“I assumed that,” Dickerson said. “Matter of fact, Nick (Markakis) was batting and the ball was in the air going off the wall when we were having our first exchange.”

Dickerson was asked if he considered that inappropriate behavior by an opposing manager.

“You know what, I’m just trying to do my job over there and no one is going to yell at me for nothing. I’m a grown man. If he’s going to challenge me, that is the way I took it, so...” he said.

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