Dickerson on the final play; Davis, Jones and Norris on the loss

After the game, Chris Dickerson talked about the final play, where he was trying to steal second and was doubled off first base on a pop-up to end the game in the O’s 4-2 loss to Chicago.

“I didn’t peek. Anything’s that hit behind you, let alone in foul territory behind you, is going to be tough to pick up,” Dickerson said. “But I didn’t peek. It’s not really something I’ve ever done when stealing bases.

“I’m just worried about getting a good jump and then reading the infielder’s reaction to where the ball is hit. Once it happens, then you pick up Bobby (Dickerson coaching at third,) and he’ll let you know whether you need to get back. But (Alexei) Ramirez deked at second like he was anticipating the ball coming to second, and I was already in the position where I had to slide anyways.

“We’ve been champing at the bit for two days because of slow times. All I had to was just get a good jump. I had the base stolen and the tying run is on second and everybody is happy. But I didn’t peek, and it ended up in the one place where you’re not going to get that awareness reaction from the infielders, especially Ramirez with the deke. That pretty much got me.”

Chris Davis talked about the loss and coming up short in trying to get a four-game sweep.

“They didn’t want to lose 10 straight,” Davis said. “Their starter threw the ball really well, and we were unable to capitalize with runners in scoring position. Myself on more than one occasion. A lot of times you put too much pressure on yourself to get the job done and lose sight of what you are trying to do up there.

“I think everybody is aware of what we are doing with runners in scoring position or what we are not doing. It is not going to be easy, but knowing we have so much on the line and our time is running thin, we just kind of put a little too much pressure on ourselves.

“One thing I said earlier this year, we were really good last year because we were enjoying ourselves and having fun and that is something we need to get back to.”

Adam Jones talked about the RISP stat.

“Let me shut this stuff up, 0-for-11. That’s 11 opportunities. Just imagine if we had none, and we created no opportunities,” Jones said. “We created the opportunity. We didn’t come through, but we created the opportunity.

“Be happy with that. I know you want 20 runs a game. There’s a team on the other side that’s competing against us and trying to beat our brains in just as much as we’re trying to beat their brains in.

“It’s a competitive game. Obviously, you want the runs, but, hey, we’re putting ourselves in good position. You’ve gotta be strong-minded through that.”

Pitcher Bud Norris gave up four runs and nine hits over 4 1/3 innings. He second-guessed himself for the pitch he threw that Adam Dunn hit onto Eutaw Street for a two-run homer in the fifth.

“It was really just a brain fart. I was thinking cutter in, where I’d got him a few times in on stuff,” Norris said. “But for whatever reason, I brain farted and threw a changeup, and it was center cut. Mad at myself for location and pitch selection. Something I am going to sleep on and think about it. Upset with myself for that one.”

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