Postgame comments from Feldman, Hardy and Jones

Scott Feldman made a quick exit tonight, giving up eight runs and eight hits over just 2 1/3 innings as the Red Sox beat the Orioles 12-3.

Feldman gave up five runs in the first, the most runs he has allowed in the opening inning in his 30 starts.

“I just wasn’t very good,” Feldman said. “Seems like I made a lot of mistakes behind in the count and they hit them. Anytime I made a mistake, they pretty much put the good part of the bat on it.

“Would have been nice to finish up stronger heading into the offseason, but the bottom line is everyone in here wanted to make the playoffs, but we didn’t do it. Hopefully next year we get in there.”

A free agent at the end of the season, we don’t yet know whether Feldman will even be an Oriole next year. But he said tonight he wants to be.

“Yeah, I hope they want me back and I have the opportunity to come back,” he said. “Really like the guys in here and the coaching staff’s been great. Yeah, we’ll see what happens, but I hope so.”

He’ll get more chances to pitch again and better than this, just not this year.

“I’ve had bad games before. It’s not going to be my last one,” Feldman said. “Unfortunate to have games like that, but most guys do unless you are, you know, Felix Hernandez or someone like that. Just like every other bad start I’ve had, have to forget about it.”

Feldman has now thrown over 90 innings for both the Orioles (90 2/3) and the Cubs (91). Feldman joins Ken Holtzman (1976, Yankees) as the only Orioles to work 90-plus innings with both Baltimore and another team in the same season.

J.J. Hardy said this last outing shouldn’t take away from a strong year for Feldman as an Oriole.

“I’m sure everyone wanted to see him do well, but he’s been great for us since he’s been here. Too bad, but at the same time it doesn’t mean he’s not a great pitcher,” Hardy said.

Adam Jones hit his 33rd homer tonight, a new career high for the O’s center fielder.

“Came in a loss, doesn’t mean nothing,” Jones said. “Congrats. We wanted to win the game. Individual accolades, cool, but I’m a team guy and we lost.”

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