Stinson hopes strong finish leads him back to the Orioles in 2014

After a strong finish at Triple-A Norfolk that has carried over into a solid September with the Orioles, right-hander Josh Stinson hopes he has finally found a permanent major league home.

He pitched 13 innings for the Mets in 2011, 9 1/3 for the Brewers in 2012 and 16 for the Orioles this year.

Late in spring training in March, Stinson was with three teams in about the span of a week. On March 29, he was claimed by Oakland on waivers from Milwaukee and then on April 4, he was claimed by the Orioles from the A’s.

He has enjoyed his year in the O’s organization and is hopeful this is just the start here for him.

“Finishing up strong is huge because I don’t have any options (remaining in 2014),” he said. “Trying to make an impression. I would love to be a part of this bullpen next year or wherever they see me being. I think this month of September has been huge for me.

“I don’t want to go through waivers again. I’ve been there and done that three times. Hopefully this impression that I’ve made this month will open their eyes and help me out.”

Stinson has made seven appearances in September for the Orioles, pitching eight innings without allowing a run or even a hit. Opposing batters are 0-for-23 against him this month.

“I’ve just really been attacking hitters and trying to limit the walks,” Stinson said. “Just go after guys and my fastball command has been really good lately. Just really trust Wiety (Matt Wieters) when he is back there. I don’t know a lot of these (opposing hitters) as well as he knows them. He’s a great catcher and he knows how my stuff plays for them and that has helped a lot.”

Stinson said he also appreciates that manager Buck Showalter has been very straightforward with him this season.

“You know, Milwaukee last year, I kind of felt like I was left out a bit. Every time I’ve been up here or sent back down (to the minors), Buck has always told me, ‘Here’s the plan,’ ” Stinson said.

“When I went down the last time in August, he said, ‘If we make the playoffs, I can’t guarantee you’re going to be coming up.’ I knew what was going on, so that part of it I’ve really liked and this clubhouse is awesome. Been easy to come in and get to know the guys. An easy clubhouse to fit into.”

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