The Orioles’ instructional league roster

The Orioles instructional league will begin Sept. 11 at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Fla., and runs through Oct. 8.

The Orioles are sending 27 pitchers, seven catchers, 10 infielders, 10 outfielders and six players listed on rehab to the camp for a total of 60 players.

Aberdeen manager Matt Merullo is instructional league manager and he’ll be joined by a large staff of minor league coaches and instructors. The players will play games against teams from Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh five days a week.

The first workout is Sept. 12 and the first game is scheduled for Sept. 16 at Ed Smith Stadium against the Rays.

Orioles director of player development Brian Graham said instructional league has some specific goals and gives players a chance to get more work in and make specific improvements in their games.

“There are two different levels in that we have players there we want to make progress to get to the next level and there will be a large number of first-year players where you are extending their season and establishing your organizational program,” Graham said.

“Players improve because you have an individual plan for each player at instructional league. When they come you outline exactly what you want to them to work on, whether it’s the backhand, a double play turn, hitting breaking balls or throwing changeups. Whatever we designate what each player should work on we put a plan together and that is what the emphasis is on with the players.”

The instructional league roster with last names listed first.

Alvarado, Cristian
Ayers, Daniel
Berry, Tim
Brault, Steven
Bray, Jacob
Bridwell, Parker
Cunningham, Stephen
Givens, Mychal
Grendell, Kevin
Harvey, Hunter
Isenia, Jonatan
Jimenez, Francisco
Keller, Jon
Louico, Williams
Moreno, Rafael
Nowottnick, Nikolaus
Pacheco, Johalis
Price, Matt
Rennie, Luc
Rutledge, Lex
Seabrooke, Travis
Tarpley, Stephen
Urban, Austin
Wager, Brady
Yacabonis, Jimmy
Yoon, Jeonghyeon

Fajardo, Daniel
Heim, Jonah
Murphy, Alex
Russell, Steel
Sisco, Chance
Soto, Ronald
Wynns, Austin

Acosta, Rauel
Breen, Jared
Gassaway, Randolph
Kemp, Jeff
Ledesma, Ronarsy
Mancini, Trey
Marin, Adrian
Salas, Guillermo
Vargas, Yariel
Viele, Justin

Alvarez, Dariel
Bernadina, Roderick
Bierfeldt, Conor
Boss, Torsten
Franco, Daniel
Hart, Josh
Laureano, Carlos
Lorenzo, Greg
Rifaela, Ademar
Yastrzemski, Mike

Bleeker, Derrick
Bundy, Dylan
Bundy, Bobby
Dosch, Drew
Kline, Branden
Walker, Christian

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