Gonzalez on his outing, Joseph on play at plate, Markakis on Quintana

Miguel Gonzalez has allowed 17 hits and seven runs over 10 innings in two starts since coming off the disabled list with a right oblique strain.

He took the loss tonight, giving up nine hits and three runs over five innings in a 4-2 loss to Chicago.

“Yeah, I’m healthy,” Gonzalez said. “Just got to keep working hard and having my team in the game, that is the most important thing.

“The only pitch (really working) was my slider, that was good. Made some good pitches when I got in trouble, bases loaded. Stayed within myself and tried not to do too much. It was just overall a crazy game.”

miguel-gonzalez-white-side-throwing-sidebar.jpgGonzalez struggled early, giving up a homer to Gordon Beckham, the second batter he faced. He gave up a leadoff double and a run in the second inning.

“Battled. It was tough,” he said. “Just flying open a little bit the first couple of innings. Made some good pitches when I needed to. Was a crazy game, just didn’t capitalize when we needed to.

“Struggled first inning, second inning. Those two runs. Had like 40 pitches in the first two innings. Just got to make pitches when you need to. Need to keep working hard, keep the ball down, throw strikes first pitch. Thought Caleb (Joseph) did a good job back there.”

Joseph was asked about the tag play at the plate where he had the ball in time, but Alexei Ramirez scored in the eighth inning.

“Well I knew he was out,” Joseph said. “I figured they were probably going to be going on contact. Jonathan (Schoop) made a great throw to give me a perfect strike.

“I just kind of got caught in between. The rule states that when I do get the ball, I am able to be aggressive with that play and I was just very passive at it. I learned from it. Next time, I’ll be more aggressive in tagging him.”

Joseph and all big league catchers are adjusting to the new home-plate collision rules and tagging runners out in a different manner.

“Been doing the same play my whole life and technically once you have the ball, the play is still the same,” Joseph said. “I have to give him a lane to slide into if I don’t have the ball, but when I have the ball, I’m free to be aggressive with the tag. I had the ball in plenty of time and just wasn’t aggressive with it.

“Kind of got caught in between the rule and my natural tendency. Next time, I’m going to go with my natural tendency and not screw it up. If I’m aggressive and drop my right knee down and do my usual tag, there is no question he doesn’t get in there, which I’ll do next time.”

Joseph was asked about Gonzalez’s outing.

“He was laboring. Just trying to get some of the mechanics worked out. Was struggling with some mechanics there that led to mislocations,” Joseph said. “He did a good job working out of jams there and did a great job of damage control. He just didn’t have his pinpoint accuracy like he usually does.”

Meanwhile, the Orioles went 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position against White Sox starter Jose Quintana, who gave up just one run over seven innings.

“I think he was pretty good today,” right fielder Nick Markakis said. “He’s a guy that short-arms the ball and the ball jumps out of his hand. You saw him freeze me there once and (Chris Davis) there once. It is tough to get a rhythm when you don’t see the ball behind his back. He shortarms with good velocity. We’ll look to come tomorrow for the series win.”

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