Who is your all-time favorite Oriole?

A few times in the past during one of my “10 questions for O’s fans” blogs, I ask, “What question should I ask you next time we do this?” Several of you have said ask us about our all-time favorite Orioles.

OK. Today is that day. Tell us who your all-time favorite Oriole is and why that player is your favorite. If you can’t pin it down to one, mention a few if you care to.

Don’t hold back and feel free to give us the background story. Maybe you just like how he played or how well he played. Maybe you actually met your favorite Oriole. Maybe you have other reasons. Let’s hear ‘em.

Brooks Robinson third base.jpgMy answer hasn’t changed since I was a little kid. It’s Brooks Robinson, easily my favorite. One of my earliest memories of the Orioles as a kid was watching the 1970 World Series. You may recall, Brooks was pretty good then. He is a Hall of Fame player and person.

If you have a second, read this that I wrote on Sept. 29, 2012. Later that night, Robinson’s Hall of Fame statue was unveiled and later he talked about it.

He said of the fans that day: “I like to call you friends, not fans.”

Brooks is Mr. Oriole for me. Always has been and always will be. How about for you?

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