Pondering a few baseball questions before the feast

Sending out a wish today that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and weekend with family and friends. It remains as true today as ever: I’m thankful for the readers of this blog and that so many post questions and comments to keep a great conversation going through the year.

During this offseason to this point we have written about here and debated several questions surrounding the Orioles. Today I will throw out a few topics from recent weeks. Feel free to add your own in and around trips to the dinner table.

* Which free agent pitchers should the Orioles look to acquire? What should be most important in analyzing those players?

* Is Tim Beckham the regular shortstop in 2018?

* Can Chris Davis bounce back enough with his play in 2018 to win some fans back?

* Does the team have a good chance of re-signing Manny Machado or any of the other players with one year left on their contracts?

* Will Hunter Harvey pitch in the majors this coming season?

Adam-Jones-at-bat-white-sidebar.jpgSome light reading: MLB.com’s Richard Justice feels O’s fans should be thankful for Adam Jones. While Jones certainly has his share of critics on this blog, here’s a national writer that sees Jones as a winner and someone that has been important on and off the field in Baltimore.

MLBTradeRumors.com compares free agent pitchers Alex Cobb and Lance Lynn. two potential Orioles targets.

ESPN’s Buster Olney writes about the Japanese Babe Ruth.

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