Second offseason edition: “10 questions for O’s fans”

I could be wrong, but I believe we have only had one offseason edition of “10 questions for O’s fans.” So it is time for another. Free free to answer all 10 questions or just one or two. Provide brief answers or go in depth with your response. You make the call and you provide the comments and answers.

1) If the Orioles trade Manny Machado, which team will he go to?

2) What return should the club seek for Machado?

3) Are most fans for or against a trade of Machado? Would the fans understand the reasons if the club dealt the star third baseman?

4) Who will start at third base in 2018?

bundy white cg side.jpg5) Which pitcher will have a better season next year: Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman?

6) Which is your favorite opponent ballpark to visit and why?

7) Which player will lead the Orioles in stolen bases next year?

8) Besides just seeing baseball and the Orioles, what do you like best about going to a game at Camden Yards?

9) What will be the Orioles’ attendance next season?

10) Predict the 2018 order of finish in the American League East.

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