A notes nightcap

Just a couple things I gathered today that I’ll post before I go to bed. You kids keep it down.

Jesus Flores is starting to throw from 90 feet, and said his shoulder feels a little better every day.

He still hasn’t been told when he can throw from a squatting position, rather than handing the ball back to coaches in bullpen sessions, but he’s hopeful that will come soon.

“The trainers have a plan for me, and I’m waiting to see what they say,” he said.

And if you project out Stephen Strasburg’s potential starts, he would be in line to pitch the April 3 exhibition at Nationals Park before going to Single-A Potomac for Opening Day on April 8.

Now, it remains to be seen what the Nationals do with Strasburg - if they’ll keep him in big league camp the entire time or send him down to the minor league side; but they could call him back up to big league camp for the exhibition and let him pitch that night, just to give fans a look at him and see how he fares against Boston’s potent lineup.

Just a possibility to think about.