Riggleman reveals present status at shortstop

Hello again from Space Coast Stadium, where the weather is doing its best Brett Favre routine. Is it going to rain? Is the sun going to come out? Is it going to be cloudy, but without rain? I can’t tell. But I know this: Nowhere is the rain having more fun than it is in Viera. It’s like a little kid out there.

Anyway, there’s plenty of news for you this morning, or if you’ve got leftover questions from last night’s WNFF chat, you can still post them here, and I’ll get after it.

Jim Riggleman said this morning that “if we had a game tomorrow,” Cristian Guzman would bat second and be the starting shortstop.

The Nationals still need to see if Guzman is healthy and able to move adequately in the field, but right now, they’re confident he’ll be the starting shortstop.

And right now, the lineup probably looks like this: Morgan, CF; Guzman, SS; Zimmerman, 3B; Dunn, 1B; Willingham, LF; Dukes, RF; Kennedy, 2B; Rodriguez, C.

The Nats plan to get Ian Desmond some work in the outfield, Riggleman said, and could play him in a number of different positions this season. They need to determine if Desmond would be best-served in that role, or by playing every day at shortstop at Triple-A Syracuse. So in other words, the much-discussed “super utility” concept is a possibility for Desmond.

I asked Riggleman if he’d consider going into the season with Desmond, Willie Harris and Eric Bruntlett on his bench, and he said he still felt the team should have an outfielder-only reserve like Roger Bernadina or Justin Maxwell.