Nats-Brewers thru seven: More missed chances

We’re through six at Nationals Park, and the game is still tied, this time at two. The Nationals pulled even on a Josh Willingham homer in the bottom of the sixth, but they’ve stranded five runners in scoring position, including Nyjer Morgan for the third time tonight when Cristian Guzman grounded into a double play moments ago.

John Lannan exited after his best start of the year: seven innings, seven hits, two runs, three walks, five strikeouts and a homer. He threw 102 pitches, 67 strikes, and caught a few batters way out in front of his curveball at times. Lannan did what Lannan does - repeated his fastball, got an aggressive lineup to ground out, and made them chase some off-speed pitches. A good night overall for the left-hander.

The other key for the Nationals has been the top of the order - Morgan and Willie Harris have been on base a combined five times. But those five times on base haven’t produced a run. Some of that is a reflection of Ryan Zimmerman’s absence. That many chances, though, has to yield a run at some point.

Brian Bruney in for the eighth here. The rain has stopped for now. We’ll see how this one ends.