A couple updates

Just have a couple items of interest to bring you:

--Stephen Strasburg is pitching tonight at Triple-A Syracuse, and MASN/MASN HD will carry the game after the Nationals-Padres game tonight is over. We’ll also replay the start tomorrow after the Nationals-Padres game. The game here in San Diego starts at 8:35 Eastern, so Strasburg will be late-night viewing tonight and prime-time viewing tomorrow (after the 4:05 start).

--If you’re looking for my RSS feed, it’s here. I’m digging around to see if we can find an RSS feed for the comments, so you can get updates when there are new comments published.

--I’m running the Race for the Cure on June 5 on the National Mall with my wife, a few MASN staffers and some loyal readers. If you want to donate to the fight against breast cancer via our team or me, you can head here. Any little bit helps, and any donation is much-appreciated.