More news from a busy Tuesday

This has been one of the busiest days, news-wise, of the year. So these things aren’t going to get the lengthier treatment they probably deserve, but I’ll throw a few more injury updates at you:

Jason Marquis has started his throwing program and will throw off the mound on Tuesday for the first time since receiving a cortisone shot on his elbow. Marquis played catch last week, but said he hasn’t held himself back.

“I’m trying to let ‘em loose,” he said. He’s got bone chips, not any muscle damage, in his elbow, so Marquis probably isn’t going to do any damage by doing extra work. But he said he isn’t feeling any pain or experiencing any limits on his range of motion.

“I wish I could be back tomorrow,” Marquis said. “I’ll try to give them my input, tell them how I feel. I know my body better than anybody. I’m not going to put my career in jeopardy. I’m not going to put the team’s chances of winning in jeopardy, either.”

But general manager Mike Rizzo wasn’t as quick to put Marquis back in the rotation.

“Jason thinks he’s ahead of schedule,” Rizzo said with a smirk. “I don’t know what medical school he went to.”

Jordan Zimmermann, Chien-Ming Wang and Ross Detwiler are all on schedule to hit rehab assignments in the near future. But Detwiler is probably the closest to a rehab assignment, Rizzo said, and he added, “We’re talking more weeks to a month” before a rehab stint. Zimmermann, who is returning from Tommy John surgery, is ahead of schedule, throwing live batting practice at 75-80 percent of full capacity, Rizzo said.

“He’s another guy you really have to pull back.” And Chien-Ming Wang, returning from shoulder surgery, is throwing off a mound and will soon start throwing against live hitters. Based on those prognoses, I don’t think we’re going to see Wang before the All-Star break, which means the Nationals essentially paid him $2 million, plus incentives, for a half-season. But they’ve still got control of him next season, so maybe you look at the contract as something of a deposit on next year.

Back with the live thread in a little bit.

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