Seen and heard at AT&T Park

The title of this blog post is shamelessly cribbed from a feature they used to make us do with this kind of stuff every night at the Washington Times. Now that I’m no longer employed there, I can safely and publicly say: I hated those things. I mean, an interesting and/or quirky tidbit from every single game I cover? Honestly?

Fortunately, today, I have a few interesting stories to pass along. These would kill on page C6.

I was talking to Drew Storen yesterday about being back in the Bay Area, where he went to college at Stanford, and we got to discussing the campus. Like many students do on big campuses, Stanford students ride their bikes almost everywhere. And like on most campuses where this goes on, things can get a little harrowing. Storen said he once saw a guy get T-boned in the “Circle of Death” - the area of the Palo Alto campus where most accidents take place.

But that wasn’t the best story. No, that came when Storen was inflating a tire in front of a tour group. He overinflated it, and the tire exploded.

“Everybody hit the deck,” Storen said. When they realized it wasn’t a gunshot, all eyes went to the freshman who’d just blown up his bike tire. “You’ve just got wear it,” Storen said. “I was like, ‘Yep, right here. That’s me. Hi, everybody.’”

A few of you have mentioned the incident, or appearance of an incident, last Sunday, when Orioles shortstop Julio Lugo appeared to kick dirt on Josh Willingham as he rounded the bases following his walk-off homer against Baltimore.

Willingham hadn’t seen the tape, and clubhouse manager Mike Wallace played a side angle of it this morning in the clubhouse. I hadn’t seen this clearly, either, but Lugo definitely runs from his spot at short to swing his foot in Willingham’s direction. The outfielder’s reaction to the video? “What comment.”