Strasburg rained out; will pitch tomorrow (update)

Here’s the problem with all the pontificating about when Stephen Strasburg will make his major-league debut: A little thing, as fickle and unpredictable as rain, and the whole plan has to be redone. Like tonight, when Strasburg’s third start at Trple-A Syracuse was postponed by rain.

The No. 1 overall pick in last year’s draft will pitch the second game of a doubleheader tomorrow at 7:05 p.m.

Now, of course, I’m going to engage you in a bit of the pontificating I just deplored.

Strasburg will now pitch on the 19th, which means his next start will likely be pushed back to the 24th (the Nationals were planning to keep him on regular rest before an outing on the 23rd, so they’ll presumably do the same). He’d then pitch the 29th, at home, against Scranton-Wilkes Barre, and would only need an extra day’s rest before (presumably) making his big-league debut against the Cincinnati Reds on June 4. Or, if the Nationals gave him an extra day’s rest after this start, he’d pitch the 25th and 30th, both at home, and be on regular rest to start against the Reds on the 4th.

The Nationals could also keep him on regular rest all the way through, which would give him another start at Syracuse on June 3 and push his major-league debut to June 8 against the Pirates. But at this point, the extra start in the minors seems a bit frivolous.

We’ll have more on this once the Nationals finalize his schedule, and we’ll of course keep you posted on MASN’s TV plans for Strasburg’s next two starts. But that’s my take on it for now.

Update: Stephen Strasburg’s start tomorrow will be aired immediately after the conclusion of Nat’s Xtra at approximately 10:30 p.m..