Crossing over to the dark side

Well, I did it - I sold my two-year-old Dell laptop a few minutes ago, moving it in a tidy 22 hours on Craigslist. (Seriously, why would anybody pay to advertise in a newspaper anymore?) And I’m headed out in a couple of hours to buy a Macbook - if I can summon the courage to pull the trigger.

Why is this a big deal? I’ve been a PC guy my whole life. My dad is a computer programmer and was raising us on PCs as far back as I can remember. I still recall entering DOS prompts on a Commodore 64. In some houses, it’s Ford and Chevy; in ours, it’s PCs and Macs (which is probably good, because none of us are very handy anyway).

When I was searching for my last computer two years ago, I nearly bought a Mac, despite my dad’s facetious (I think) threats to cut me out of the will. I re-upped with another Dell, even though my sister got a Macbook and managed to stay in the will (I think). But after a couple years of watching this one do that slowly declining PC thing, I decided to make a change.

It wasn’t because I needed another computer; that one was still functional. But doing this for a living, you put a lot of wear and tear into your machines, and I want something that’s going to be performing as well in three years as it does today. From what people tell me, that means getting a Mac. Plus, there are all the extra cool points.

So, with some trepidation, I’ll probably be heading out later today to purchase my first non-PC and blogging from it sometime later tonight - If everything I write seems that much cooler, you’ll know why.

Now hopefully my dad will forgive me.