Is Obama headed for Nats Park?

The hot rumor buzzing around Nationals Park this afternoon - tacitly confirmed by a few conspicuous-looking security personnel - is that President Obama will pop in for a couple innings of tonight’s game between the Nationals and White Sox this evening. I heard from a couple people that Obama is indeed coming tonight, and it wasn’t announced for security reasons.

If you’re in attendance, it’s not likely you’ll see the White Sox’s First Fan, though; the Nationals built the park so the president could come in, get to a box to watch the game and leave without anyone the wiser.

Obama, you’ll remember, whipped out a White Sox hat on Opening Day when he threw the first pick at Nationals Park. It’s been assumed for a while he’d turn up sometime during this series, and the prospect of seeing Stephen Strasburg couldn’t have hurt, either.

No word on whether there’s talk of a Cabinet position for Strasburg in the works.