Looking for your input

As most of you who hang around this site on a semi-regular basis know, I crave reader input and feedback. I’m constantly looking for ideas and ways to improve our Nationals coverage, and who better to ask than the readers? In fact, that’s a core value at MASNSports.com; whether it’s our Orioles beat writers or my cohorts on the Nats beat, we’ve tried to make accessibility a priority. Coverage around here is a two-way conversation, and your input - both on the teams we cover and the way we do it - is essential to making that conversation better.

So with that in mind, I put together a little survey about our Nationals coverage, and if you’d be so kind as to indulge me with 10 or 15 minutes of your time, it’d help me get a better idea of what you want to see on the site, what you don’t like and what’s most important to you. The great thing about working here is it’s something of a blank slate; there aren’t many traditions to adhere to, and new ideas are always welcomed. And many times, the best ideas come from you.

Click here to take the survey

The survey is totally anonymous, and your information is encrypted, so it won’t be seen by outsiders. I added some space in a number of the questions where you can extrapolate on your thoughts, but if you’d like to do that in a more public forum, we can use the comments section of this post for that purpose.

Thanks for the passion you bring to following this team. It’s what makes this job so much fun, and ultimately, so rewarding.