Measuring Morse’s homer

A question came up in the comments section of Second Look this morning about whether Michael Morse’s homer last night was the longest in the history of Nationals Park. They don’t give official distances at Nationals Park, but thanks to reader tomterp, we can approximate. And the gist of it is, Morse’s shot isn’t the longest.

This website, Hit Tracker Online (which tomterp passed along), measures home runs on a number of different metrics. It’s lots of fun, especially if you have some time to kill. According to Hit Tracker, Dunn’s blast on the Fourth of July last year traveled 458 feet, and is the longest in the history of the park. Morse’s isn’t measured yet, but as tomterp points out, you can estimate with “range rings” that it was over 400 feet, but short of 450.

Dunn actually had the longest homer in two ballparks last year - his 473-foot blast off Carlos Villaneuva last July was the longest at Miller Park in Milwaukee, too. That one actually left Miller Park through a window and landed in the parking lot. Just for fun, here’s the video of the Milwaukee shot, the July 4 blast (the 300th of Dunn’s career) and Morse’s homer last night.

Any other memorable blasts I’m forgetting?