Nats trade rain for runs

We’re through six innings here at Nationals Park, the brief-but-apocalyptic-looking rain having passed through, and the Nationals got right to work after the storm stretching their lead.

They were up 3-1 when the game resumed, and added another run in the fifth when Adam Dunn hit his 17th homer of the year, blasting a fastball over the center-field fence with one out. They lead 4-1 in the top of the seventh now.

Josh Willingham’s fourth-inning homer was the 100th of his career, and with the rain delay, the Nationals’ game production staff had time to put together a little highlight package of Willingham’s most memorable homers, including the one he hit tonight. Some nice work and quick thinking there.

Willingham is 3-for-3 tonight, and is slugging 3.750. Not bad.