Nyjer Morgan’s Web Gem

If Nyjer Morgan was aware of all the criticism about him in the last few weeks, he’s doing plenty to end all of it tonight. Morgan has three hits, a stolen base, an RBI and two runs as the Nationals lead the Orioles 4-0.

But if that wasn’t enough, Morgan made possibly the best catch by anyone in a Nationals uniform this season in the third inning.

With one out, Corey Patterson lofted a fly to deep center field. Morgan scaled the seven-foot wall, fighting off a fan and taking a home run away from Patterson. J.D. Martin stepped off the mound with a look of amazement, Orioles and Nationals fans both oohed and Patterson simply tipped his batting helmet when he saw the ball was caught.

If you missed it, don’t worry. Just check Baseball Tonight later -- or probably in a first-half retrospective in a couple weeks. You’ll be seeing that one for a while.