Strasburg’s new tentative schedule

Here’s how Stephen Strasburg’s tentative schedule looks headed to the All-Star break, based on what manager Jim Riggleman said this afternoon:

Strasburg will pitch Wednesday against the Royals, Monday against the Braves and next Saturday (July 3) against the Mets. Riggleman said Strasburg would get an extra day’s rest before his final start of the season’s first half. That means he will likely pitch July 9 against the Giants, not July 8 against his hometown Padres.

Riggleman also said Strasburg would likely be one of the Nationals’ last pitchers to start after the All-Star break, so the team can rest him and use the long layoff to conserve his innings. That would put Strasburg’s likely first start of the second half in Cincinnati.

The usual disclaimer for all you ticket-buyers: This is tentative, and always subject to change because of rainouts, injuries, acts of God, stubbed toes or the general whims of the Nationals’ braintrust.