Three issues to mull over in NatsTown

There seem to be a few issues on everyone’s minds this morning, so I’m opening up this space for you to talk about them:

-Should the Nationals do more - or less - to honor Andre Dawson? We’ve had this debate around here a few times this season, and I’m on the record as saying I’d like to see the team honor its Expos past. They’re going to take their first meaningful step in that direction on August 10, when they recognize newly-enshrined Hall of Famer Andre Dawson, who had his best years with the Expos. That, to me, seems like the appropriate step; they don’t necessarily need to do more than that, but it’s nice to have some acknowledgment of a franchise that existed for 36 seasons before coming to Washington. But I get that it will be a little strange when Dawson steps onto the field on August 10, being recognized in a city where he never played a game. What do you think about the move?

-Should Adam Dunn be disciplined for visiting Bob Uecker? I’m guessing the first baseman, who paid a visit to Brewers radio announcer Bob Uecker during Saturday’s game in Milwaukee, probably already has had a little chat with manager Jim Riggleman, who didn’t seem too happy about Dunn heading up to the press box during the game. I don’t have a problem with Dunn visiting Uecker, whom he’s gotten to know over the years, but it should’ve happened before the game. That said, a talking-to and a fine probably covers it for discipline. Do you agree, or does it demand sterner action? I already had a commenter suggest this morning that it does.

-The Nationals are 42-57. Should they keep the roster together, or start disassembling it? Your answer to this question probably depends on how close you think the Nationals are to contending next season. Unfortunately, they probably won’t get a critical piece of that answer until after the trade deadline, when pitchers like Jordan Zimmermann, Chien-Ming Wang and (possibly) Yuniesky Maya arrive in Washington. So in the meantime, how should they approach the trade deadline, particularly in regard to players like Dunn and Matt Capps, who each would be substantially more expensive to keep around after this season? I can actually see a stronger case for trading Capps than trading Dunn; you won’t get any compensation for him by non-tendering him after the season, and the Nationals have a closer-in-waiting in Drew Storen. I’m not saying they have to trade Capps, but that deal makes more sense to me than taking Dunn out of the lineup, especially when he’d likely bring back two picks if he left in free agency.

You know the drill: Leave your thoughts on one, some, or all of the questions in the comments section, and I’ll respond to you there.