Without Strasburg, Nats win 3-0

The big story of Tuesday night happened just before the game, when Miguel Batista, not Stephen Strasburg, trotted out of the Nationals’ bullpen. And for most of the night, the 40,043 in attendance spent as much time worrying about Strasburg, who was scratched from his Tuesday start after he had trouble getting lose in the bullpen, as they did about the actual result on the field.

But while the crowd was fretting, exiting early or grumbling about Strasburg’s absence, the Nationals were busy turning in one of their most impressive performances of the year.

Miguel Batista pitched five shutout innings, the Nationals jumped on Braves starter Tommy Hanson for three runs in the first two innings and snapped a three-game losing streak with a 3-0 win over the Braves.

Kristen Hudak and I will have much more from downstairs on what’s turned into a pretty eventful night at Nationals Park.