Zimmerman makes his case

Ryan Zimmerman, trailing the Reds’ Joey Votto in the race for the National League’s final All-Star spot by some unspecified, yet assuredly narrow margin (MLB and Sprint want you to vote!), is certainly doing plenty to make his case. Since the five nominees for the Final Man Vote were announced on Sunday, Zimmerman is 4-for-7 with two homers, five RBI and a walk. He hit his 15th homer in the fourth inning tonight, and the Nationals lead the Padres 4-2.

Zimmerman probably won’t reach his second All-Star Game for three reasons: Votto has superior numbers, a groundswell of national support after being left off the team despite ranking among the NL’s four or five best offensive players and a superior American League alliance (sorry, Nats fans: Red Sox fans outnumber Rangers fans, and will probably give Votto a substantial boost).

But he’s heating up again right before the All-Star break, after a rough month of June, and the Nationals’ offense is following him.