Adam Dunn has a chance for another big night against Dodgers

There might not be a more dangerous hitter in the majors right now than Adam Dunn. He’s hit six homers in his last six games, including two last night in the Nationals’ win over the Dodgers, and has launched 13 since July 1. He’s on such a tear that it’s worth asking, as the Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore did today, if teams will keep pitching to Dunn.

It’s a limited sample size, but Dunn’s numbers against Hiroki Kuroda, tonight’s Dodgers starter, would suggest that giving him pitches to hit isn’t the best idea. He’s 3-for-8 lifetime against Kuroda, and homered off him in their one meeting last year. Dunn also has four walks in three career games against Kuroda.

The Dodgers have several players with good career numbers against Nationals starter Livan Hernandez, but two of them - Manny Ramirez and Rafael Furcal - are hurt. Andre Ethier has a .975 OPS in 24 career plate appearances against Hernandez, and Matt Kemp has a 1.142 OPS in seven at-bats. James Loney is also 5-for-14 lifetime against Hernandez.