Negotiations appear on track with No. 1 overall pick Bryce Harper

General manager Mike Rizzo gave the media an update on the Bryce Harper negotiations earlier this afternoon - and like team president Stan Kasten’s comments on the subject yesterday, it mostly amounted to a lot of posturing.

For the Nationals, that’s probably a good sign, because it means things are still on track. Rizzo expects things to go down to Monday night’s deadline, as almost everyone in baseball has all summer, but sounded confident the Nationals will get a deal done for the No. 1 overall pick.

“Speaking specifically of (Harper), it’s a player that we really want in the organization,” Rizzo said. “The talks and negotiations are always difficult, and they’re always unique. This is a unique situation, just like Stephen (Strasburg) is a unique situation; just like when I signed Justin Upton (in Arizona) was a unique situation. We’re battling through it. We don’t make a big public display, but suffice to say, we’re working on it.”

There isn’t likely to be much more substance in any public comments about Harper until early Tuesday morning. But it still seems hard to believe the two sides won’t come to a deal.