Stephen Strasburg’s new workout routine

When Stephen Strasburg was scratched from his July 27 start, complaining of tightness in his shoulder and difficulty warming up, the Nationals quickly knew they’d have a low-intensity, but high-profile reworking of his between-starts workout routine on their hands. Because the slightest twinge in Strasburg’s arm has radiated panic since he was at San Diego State, all of the Nationals’ moves to keep the rookie healthy would attract attention.

In that spirit, we bring you this blog post on Strasburg’s new fitness program.

Trainer Lee Kuntz said the team has “fine-tuned” Strasburg’s exercises, designed to improve his strength flexibility, and the right-hander has responded well to it. Essentially, they’ve just gone over his exercise technique with him, taught him how to do them better and monitored him between starts. Strasburg’s inflammation was in the back of his shoulder, so they’ve specified the exercises to strengthen that particular area.

Riveting stuff, huh?