The Nationals’ new outfield

Before the season, the Nationals’ outfield was set in two spots - center and left. Right field, everyone knew, would be where the uncertainty resided, where the Nationals would try to piece something together from a group of three or four players.

Recently, though, it’s been the other two spots that have caused the uncertainty. Nyjer Morgan has been on the disabled list with hip tightness, and Josh Willingham looks like he will have season-ending knee surgery after trying to play through whatever’s wrong with the meniscus in his left knee.

Morgan could be back with the team as soon as today, and when he returns, he’ll be back in center field. If Willingham has surgery, the Nationals could use Roger Bernadina in left field; manager Jim Riggleman said last week that it could be Bernadina’s best position. Michael Morse and Justin Maxwell would then get plenty of action in right.

It’s not an ideal situation for the Nationals, but in a season that’s mostly been stripped of meaning, it gives them a chance to look at outfielders whose futures they needed to clear up - Bernadina, Morse and Maxwell.