Nationals-Phillies lineups for Friday

The Nationals start their final series of the year in Philadelphia tonight, and with Nyjer Morgan out of the lineup, Justin Maxwell gets the start in center field. We were discussing what theselast few weeks of the season might mean to Maxwell this morning, and he’ll face Roy Oswalt tonight.

Here are the lineups for both teams:

Espinosa - 2B
Desmond - SS
Zimmerman - 3B
Dunn - 1B
Bernadina - LF
Rodriguez - C
Harris - RF
Maxwell - CF
Marquis - P

Victorino - CF
Polanco - 3B
Utley - 2B
Howard - 1B
Werth - RF
Ibanez - LF
Ruiz - C
Valdez - SS
Oswalt - P