Sorting out the rest of the Nationals’ suspensions

The big headline from Friday’s MLB suspension ruling was that Nyjer Morgan got eight games for “three separate incidents” in the last week, the highest-profile of which was the brawl that started when Morgan charged the mound and punched Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad on Wednesday night.

But the Nationals ran up an impressive list of suspensions and fines outside of Morgan’s punishment. Here they are:

-Third-base coach Pat Listach, the second member of the Nationals into the brawl after Morgan, will be suspended three games. That will start on Sunday, so as not to conflict with...

-Manager Jim Riggleman, who got a two-game suspension for “aggressive actions” after the brawl (I’m assuming that’s referring to Riggleman’s nose-to-nose confrontation with Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez, who got a one-game suspension and a fine). Riggleman was also fined for inappropriate comments about the brawl. I don’t have any more specifics on which comments drew the fine, but the man levying it? Former Nationals manager Frank Robinson, who now works for MLB and has never been known to run from a fight himself. The Intimidator, now the Policeman? Oh, the irony.

-Reliever Doug Slaten also got a three-game suspension for throwing at Gaby Sanchez, who clotheslined Morgan during the brawl.

Put that all together, and the Nationals will have an interesting weekend on their hands in Pittsburgh. John McLaren will likely manage in Riggleman’s absence. As for the roster? Well, it’s a good thing it’s September.

As for the Marlins, Volstad got six games for his role in the brawl, pitcher Alex Sanabia got five (games) for fighting (hockey pun intended), and Sanchez got three games. Pitcher Jose Veras was also fined.

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