Riggleman on the radio: Dunn the priority, but other 1B options exist

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman appeared on 106.7 The Fan this morning, talking with Holden Kushner on the Mike Wise Show about a number of different topics, the future of first baseman Adam Dunn among them. Riggleman had a couple interesting things to say on the subject, though none of them shed much new light on the status of the free agent-to-be.

Riggleman said he thinks the Cubs will have plenty of interest in Dunn, who is two weeks from becoming a free agent, and added that there could be other teams that outbid the Nationals. And he mentioned the existence of other first base options on the free agent market. The most telling quote, I thought, was this:

“We’ve got our sights on Adam,” Riggleman said, “but there’s going to be some pretty good talent out there.”

I continue to think there’s a big valuation difference between the Nationals and Dunn’s camp, which will at least send the first baseman onto the free agent market without a contract. The Nationals could wait Dunn out and try to resign him later in the winter if his price comes down, but I don’t believe they’ll give him the contract he’s looking for, and they could pursue another free agent option before Dunn fully tests the market.

And I know most Nats fans don’t want to hear this, but from what I’ve heard, the option at the top of the list of Dunn alternatives is Tampa Bay’s Carlos Pena, who isn’t expected to resign with the Rays.
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