A lunchtime Nationals pitching update (Lee, Garza)

Good afternoon. Hope you’re having a better day than Albert Haynesworth.

A couple updates on the Nationals’ quest for pitching; it’s ongoing, and there’s no question the team is resolving to get a starting pitcher, but which pitcher that is remains to be seen. Here’s what I’ve heard in the lobby:

--The Nationals are interested, and actively involved, with Cliff Lee, but three Nationals people shot down the rumor that they would give Lee a seven-year deal. That could be gamesmanship, but the people I talked to seemed pretty definite that they wouldn’t go that far. Of course, if they don’t offer a seven-year deal, it’s very possible they won’t get Lee.

--Talked to a Tampa source who didn’t think there’d be a great fit for the Nationals to land Matt Garza; the team likes middle infield prospect Reid Brignac, which could rule out Ian Desmond or Danny Espinosa, and the Rays are saying they have no plans to move any of their starters, which means they’d be expecting a lot in return for a pitcher. So while the Nationals would have interest in Garza, their pieces might not be the right match for Tampa.

Check back throughout the afternoon for updates.