The Nationals’ hunt for pitching continues

Good morning from Orlando, where the media workroom at the Dolphin Resort at Disney World is just starting to see some activity.

The Nationals continue to generate plenty of conversation about the Jayson Werth deal, but by tonight or tomorrow, it’s possible they’ll have another addition to talk about. They continue to make a hard pursuit of starting pitching, and would have the cash to make another addition. Whether that happens today remains to be seen, but the climate appears possible for it.

If they could sign a pitcher, it might also free them to trade Josh Willingham for prospects at other positions. One need that’s come to mind as I’ve talked to people here is a young center field prospect; the Nationals have nothing in the system behind Nyjer Morgan, and while Werth could play center, there’s not a long-term solution at the position if Morgan fares poorly again. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Check back throughout the day for more; there should be plenty to talk about as Day 2 gets underway.