Adam LaRoche flashes his glove for the first time

We’re in the top of the fourth inning here, and the Nationals are still down 2-0. But Adam LaRoche just showed for the first time one of the big reasons why the team got him to play first base; he made a diving stop at first base to save a would-be hit from Brian McCann, and threw to Livan Hernandez from his knees.

Say what you want about Adam Dunn - and there’s no disputing his power - but he never made plays like that at first base.

Hernandez has settled down, retiring the last nine batters he’s faced. He broke out his Bugs Bunny curveball - a looping 60-mph pitch with a big break - to freeze Dan Uggla for a third strike. He got Jason Heyward on the next at-bat with another curveball, and has struck out three of the last five Braves batters.