Adam LaRoche says shoulder isn’t a big concern

VIERA, Fla. - Adam LaRoche, who will be DHing for the next couple days as he nurses a sore shoulder, said he’d be playing first base if this was the regular season. He hasn’t had an examination on it, and he doesn’t even want to call it an injury.

What’s causing it, or when it developed, LaRoche isn’t exactly sure. But the only reason he’s not playing first base now is because he wants to prevent the soreness from turning into anything larger.

“I came in a few days early and started throwing. A couple days into that, I started feeling something,” LaRoche said. “I can go through the drills. If this was the last week of camp, there’s no question I’d be throwing. But fortunately, we’ve got a little time.”

LaRoche has never had an arm injury before, and suspects he might have tendinitis. He’s had team doctors look at his shoulder, and asked about getting a MRI, but no one has suggested that’s necessary yet.

For now, the Nationals are just being cautious with LaRoche, who will make his spring debut for them this afternoon.