Danny Espinosa leading off for Nationals against Brewers

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman must have a different definition of “major lineup changes” than the media that cover the team, because a day after saying he wouldn’t make any, he’s switched leadoff hitters.

Danny Espinosa will lead off for the Nationals tonight against the Brewers, with Desmond batting seventh against left-handed pitcher Chris Narveson. The Nationals had planned to use that lineup configuration last week in Florida, but Riggleman decided to stick with Desmond, who went 4-for-5 the night after Riggleman said he would remain in the leadoff spot.

Desmond, though, doesn’t have a hit at Nationals Park, and criticized himself last night after a three-strikeout performance. He’ll try to get himself right in the seventh spot, while Espinosa - who has a .405 on-base percentage and has seen 3.88 pitches per at-bat - will get his shot at the top of the lineup.

Here are the lineups for both teams; Wil Nieves starts at catcher for the Brewers, while former Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan - who took a couple more shots at his former team yesterday - isn’t in the lineup:

Weeks - 2B
Gomez - CF
Braun - LF
Fielder - 1B
McGehee - 3B
Betancourt - SS
Almonte - RF
Nieves - C
Narveson - P

Espinosa - 2B
Ankiel - CF
Werth - RF
LaRoche - 1B
Ramos - C
Morse - LF
Desmond - SS
Hairston Jr. - 3B
Gorzelanny - P