Nationals-Pirates lineups for Sunday

PITTSBURGH - Good morning, and a happy Easter (or Passover) to all of you. The Nationals and Pirates are supposed to play the second game of their interminable three-game series today, but once again, rain could play a factor in the start time. We’ll keep you posted.

Here are the Nationals’ and Pirates’ lineups for today; Ian Desmond sits for Washington today after making a pair of errors last night. I’ll be talking about Desmond and the Nationals’ defense on Nats Xtra today around 1:05 on MASN 2.

Espinosa - 2B
Ankiel - CF
Werth - RF
LaRoche - 1B
Morse - LF
Hairston - 3B
Rodriguez - C
Cora - SS
Marquis - P

McCutchen - CF
Tabata - LF
Overbay - 1B
Walker - 2B
Jones - RF
Alvarez - 3B
Snyder - C
Cedeno - SS
Correira - P