Nyjer Morgan has a few choice words about the Nationals

NEW YORK - Good afternoon from Citi Field, where players (and writers) are still trickling in after one of the nastier travel turnarounds of the season. The Marlins, in their infinite wisdom, scheduled a night game the day before both they and the Nationals had to travel, and Washington has a 4:10 game here against the Mets today. I got back to my hotel about 1:00 last night, set the alarm for 3:45 to get on a 6:00 flight, checked into my hotel earlier than I’ve ever checked into a hotel (9:45 this morning), squeezed in an hour nap and came to the park.

And because of my early flight, I was the only one among the Nats’ beat writers who had time to check into the hotel. Ah, the glamorous life of a sportswriter.

Anyway, you might have heard this by now, but former Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan - you know, the outfielder who had turned over a new leaf and was going to spend less time attracting controversy this year - had some choice words for his former team, and the fans of that team, on ESPN Milwaukee 540 yesterday. Morgan is off to a good start with the Brewers, but he apparently hasn’t put his old surroundings behind him yet.

Appearing on the Homer and Thunder show, Morgan said “basically, the process was the Nationals wanted to get rid of me,” and opined that “some stuff that happened last year” and “just the way I play” was the reason he got traded. He also got in a couple jabs at the Nationals, saying “it feels good to be in a baseball city” in Milwaukee, and adding, “I haven’t been on a three-game winning streak in about two years now, so that feels unbelievable.”

Where to start?

We’re just going to let those comments stand, and pass along the link to the site where you can listen to the interview yourself.

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