Why Nyjer Morgan isn’t starting for the Brewers today

You won’t see Nyjer Morgan in the Brewers’ lineup today, though the former Nationals outfielder may surface as a pinch-hitter at some point. As for why he’s not in the lineup, well, that’s too good not to share.

Tom Haudricourt, the Brewers beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, passed this along a few minutes ago: Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke said Morgan isn’t starting today because he has a deep bruise on his right thigh.

And how did Morgan sustain the bruise? His last collision with a catcher.

Haudricourt writes that Morgan was injured while running into Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit at the plate on Wednesday night. Morgan told reporters afterward his “brains were scrambled,” but didn’t mention an injury.

The Brewers probably would have used Morgan today, too - he has a .429 career average against Game 1 starter Jason Marquis, and a .500 average against Game 2 starter Livan Hernandez.

What’s that saying about karma?