Jayson Werth gets boos, standing ovations early in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - The first two innings of Jayson Werth’s return to Citizens Bank Park have had all the melodrama you could have wanted from this matchup. He’s been booed. He’s tipped his cap for two standing ovations - one when he came up to the plate for the first time, the other when he ran out to right field. He’s been greeted by a variety of signs; one said, “Werthless; You bad-mouthed the Phillies, now we’re bad-mouthing you. Booooo.”

But the one contingency Werth was preparing for hasn’t happened yet. It is, after all, dollar hot dog night here.

“I wonder how many hot dogs I’ll get,” Werth said.

He waited to get into the batter’s box before his first at-bat, listening to the boos turn to cheers as he tipped his batting helmet to acknowledge the fans standing for him. The same thing happened when he ran out to right the first time. Another sign said, “I only came to boo Jayson,” but there was one that said, “Welcome back Werth,” and one fan held up his No. 28 Phillies jersey.

A couple fans said on Twitter that Werth pointed to the Nationals logo on his cap when he ran to right. Did anybody see that on TV? And what did you think of the reaction? Let me know.

Jayson Werth meets with the media to talk about the reception he hopes to receive from his former city