MLB says Yewri Guillen died of sinus infection, finds Nats took proper steps

MILWAUKEE - Major League Baseball has concluded its investigation of the death of Yewri Guillen, the prospect in the Nationals’ Dominican Republic academy that died last month, and found that the 18-year-old died of an “aggressive sinus infection,” not bacterial meningitis, as the Nationals originally thought.

In a statement released this afternoon, MLB also said the Nationals “took the proper steps to insure that Guillen’s medical care was handled appropriately, and that proper protocols were followed to prevent the spread of meningitis when that infection was suspected as the cause of Guillen’s illness.”

MLB Medical Director Dr. Gary Green met with baseball’s medical advisory committee, and decided everyone who plays or works at a Dominican Republic academy should be offered a meningitis vaccine, even though it was determined Guillen did not die from the disease. The statement said all players and club personnel that stay overnight at Dominican academies have had the vaccine.

After Guillen’s April 14 death, the Nationals interviewed everyone who had come in contact with the shortstop for the previous two weeks and administered antibiotics to those people.