Nationals 5, Giants 2: Pick your player of the game

We’re trying out something new this afternoon following the Nationals’ 5-2 win over the Giants: You get to pick the Golden Geese.

For those unfamiliar with how things work around here, I do something after almost every game called Second Look, where I pick the two or three best players of the game (the Golden Goose winners) and the two or three worst players of the game (who receive a Goose Egg). I also take a closer look at a few details or behind-the-scenes items from the game, and leave you with a couple questions (or Talking Points, in the vernacular of the District). Because my last name kind of looks like the name for a baby goose, my friends back at the Minnesota Daily, the University of Minnesota’s college newspaper, started calling me Goose, and the nickname stuck. So we’ve incorporated it here.

Anyway, you’ll have your first chance to award the Golden Geese from today’s win. I’ve embedded a poll below with the choices, and some information on each player (if you need more game info, check here). Pick your favorite, and the top three vote-getters will be recognized in Second Look tomorrow. And if I’ve missed somebody, I’ll allow write-ins: leave any candidates not on the poll in the comments section, but make sure you only vote for one player. Feel free to debate your choices in the comments section, too, and check back in the morning for the winners.

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