Nationals fall behind Marlins early

All season, Tom Gorzelanny’s ascent to the top of the Nationals’ rotation has been somewhat in spite of his stats. His Fielding Independent Pitching rating, which measures everything a pitcher can control (walks, strikeouts and home runs) was 4.33 this year, well above his 2.87 ERA.

Gorzelanny has been adept at limiting damage and ducking out of hairy situations. But he hasn’t been able to do that early tonight. He gave up two first-inning homers to Gaby Sanchez and John Buck, and the Nationals trail the Marlins 3-1.

His homers-per-nine-innings rate before tonight was 1.19, which would be the second-highest mark of his career. Gorzelanny has been extremely fortunate, as well - his batting average on balls in play was an astounding .163 before tonight - but the Marlins have caught up to him early.

Ian Desmond just drove in the Nationals’ first run with a single to left.