Saturday’s Nationals-Padres discussion space

As the Nationals try to get a series win by taking the second of three games from the San Diego Padres, talk about the game here. You can leave your thoughts on Nationals-Padres here, and if you’ve got any questions on the game, or the team, I’ll respond to them here. As a reminder, our new commenting system allows you to log in with an account from Disqus, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or OpenID, or just comment the way you’ve always been doing it. And when I reply to you, it’ll show up as a separate comment as part of a thread, rather than me writing in the same box as your comment.

I’ll also have a few longer posts analyzing the game throughout the afternoon.
UPDATE AT 2:14 P.M.: I just posted a look at the first few innings of the game, including what Jayson Werth did when he saw Teddy lose the Presidents’ Race.